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Quality Assurance and Affordability

Experience, Flexibility, Security and Affordability — HealthCheckUSA helps you manage your health on your own terms.

  • HealthCheckUSA offers you control - allowing you to order the tests you want,
    when you want them.
  • Our prices are deeply discounted - creating savings of between 50 - 80%.
  • All testing is completely confidential , and never shared with anyone without your request.
  • With almost 20 years experience , HealthCheckUSA is a leader in direct to consumer lab testing, and we maintain the highest possible quality standards in our labs and partnerships.

It's Simple
At HealthCheckUSA, we work with local physicians. Your lab test will be ordered by a state licensed physician practicing and living near you. At your request, we can forward test results to your local doctor. If you like, you may also simply request your tests and receive the results. However you choose to proceed, you can always have complete confidence and comfort that HealthCheckUSA maintains the highest levels of care for our customers, our laboratories and physicians.

HealthCheckUSA is a Pioneer
Established in 1999, we are the first known company to offer lab testing directly to consumers. Complex and antiquated laws and regulations do not allow a consumer to order testing directly in most circumstances. HealthCheckUSA takes care of the authorization requirements and enables the consumer to have the access to the critical lab data we all need. Because of our high volume of referrals, our partner laboratories are able to provide us deeply discounted pricing for lab testing - and we pass that savings on to our customers. Our testing is 50-80% cheaper than if one were to order this testing directly.

Quality Matters
We offer the highest professional standards in lab testing. At HealthCheckUSA, we require federal, state, and professional society accreditation. We include leading physician experts in our test selection, protocol development, and results review. Our approach is voluntary - we chose to adhere to the highest professional and regulatory standards in order to provide you with the best quality care and customer experience.

  • The laboratories we work with are required to be certified by federal regulators, in compliance with the CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1988), state regulators, and professional societies, e.g. CAP (College of American Pathologists).
  • Our tests are selected and offered to you through a Medical Advisory Board review process*. Once the Board decides to offer a test, rigorous protocols are developed for properly ordering the test and delivering the results with the option to contact a physician with any questions.
  • Our nationwide network of physicians are board-certified, and carefully selected through a credentialing process to ensure they have all necessary licensure and DEA. Annual profiles reviews are conducted for each of our physicians.

* There are many tests our Board will not offer since the results they provide are not accurate and potentially harmful.

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