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What Test is Right for Me? Press Release

San Antonio, Texas (October 4, 2012) - Purchasing your own lab tests just got a whole lot easier., the leader in direct-to-consumer lab tests, has launched an online decision tool to guide consumers through a myriad of lab tests to the ones they need.

What Test is Right for Me? at is an online tool that offers consumers five health questionnaires and delivers results to help consumers connect their current health and wellness, habits and lifestyle choices to relevant lab tests.

Lab tests at HealthCheckUSA are accepted by physicians to complement patient care—though a doctor's order is not required to purchase tests. Lab tests purchased by consumers may be eligible for HSA and FSA reimbursement and are conducted at the same high-quality labs doctors rely on.

If a consumer answers just one questionnaire, the "general health questions" test is a wide-ranging survey that elicits data on the consumer's age, gender, family history, habits and current health and wellness then displays recommended tests based on his or her responses. For example, a middle-aged man, with a high body-mass index ratio and an apple-shaped body type will be directed to pre-diabetes and cardiovascular tests to evaluate average blood glucose control and cholesterol levels. A woman in her thirties, who has trouble losing weight and feels cold and clammy while others are warm, will find a thyroid panel in her test results.

Upon completion of each online health survey, the consumer will be presented with a series of single tests and lab panels to review and compare. Each lab test includes a description and price. Relevant lab panels (in which numerous tests are run on one blood draw) are highlighted to show the consumer how one blood panel might address a number of health concerns and save money.

Four additional What Test is Right for Me? questionnaires focus on other health issues including heart health, inherited conditions, thyroid conditions and sexually transmitted diseases.

The tool is not designed to diagnose medical conditions or illness. Rather, based on user inputs, the What Test is Right for Me tool guides consumers to a winnowed list of relevant tests to make the decision simpler. Try it at:

"We recognize that consumers want the freedom to choose, the opportunity to save, and the information they need to help discern which lab tests are relevant," said J. Holt Vaughan, president and CEO of HealthCheckUSA. "This tool reduces the complexity caused by too many choices by guiding the consumer to a handful of tests that align with their needs."

HealthCheckUSA tests range from simple tests to measure a single enzyme in the bloodstream to complex panels designed to provide insights into heart, pancreas and liver function and much more. Since it was founded nearly thirty years ago, HealthCheckUSA has sold more than two million [Is this true?] medically certified lab tests directly to consumers.

What Test is Right for Me? and all services associated with it are for participant educational use only. What Test is Right for Me? should not be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Participants should seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions regarding personal health or medical conditions. HealthCheckUSA and Life Time Fitness recommend that each participant consult a physician before beginning any new exercise or nutritional program.

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