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HealthCheckUSA Featured in Experience Life Magazine: Repair Your Thyroid

November, 2012 - HealthCheckUSA was featured in the November issue of Experience Life Magazine. The article, "Repair Your Thyroid," described how millions of people suffer the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction without ever knowing why. It's estimated that hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, affects more than 30 million women and 15 million men.

The article goes on emphasize that it is estimated that millions of more people could be diagnosed if proper testing was more common. Unfortunately, the antibodies that show the presence of Hashimoto's - thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAb) and thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb) - happen to be on the list of thyroid labs that most conventional docs don't perform.

The Stress & Resilience test ($295) offered by HealthCheckUSA through Life Time Fitness is featured as a perfect way for consumers to get a measure of how much stress is affecting their cortisol levels. The test is easy to administer. You place your order online and receive your test kit in the mail. Then you collect four saliva samples over the course of one day (morning, lunch, afternoon, evening) and submit them to one of HealthCheckUSA's partner labs for analysis.

The article further describes the type of thyroid testing that people should pursue because doctors don't often test for thyroid dysfunction. And when they do they typically rely on only one blood test (for thyroid stimulating hormone, TSH) that reveals little about overall thyroid function. As a result, millions of people suffering from thyroid dysfunction are left undiagnosed. The article states that if you are getting thyroid testing, be sure to be tested for Free T3 (FT3), Reverse T3 (RT3), and the presence of two thyroid antibodies, TPOAb and TgAb. The "Free" in front of T3 discloses what is unbound and usable by the body. Reverse T3 is just that - the opposite of T3 - and it blocks thyroid receptors and can cause patients to be unresponsive to any thyroid hormone.

To read the entire article on Repair Your Thyroid click here.

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