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HealthCheckUSA Featured in Experience Life Magazine: Hormone Stress Test

October, 2012 - HealthCheckUSA was featured in the October issue of Experience Life Magazine. The article, "Hormone Stress Test," empahsized the effects stress can have on weight-loss efforts. According to the article, high levels of the stress hormone cortisol can interfere with sleep, mood, eating habits, mental focus, and metabolism. Too little cortisol, which can happen when our stress becomes chronic and our bodies lose the ability to properly regulate it, can cause fatigue and inability to move beyond current fitness levels.

The Stress & Resilience test ($295) offered by HealthCheckUSA through Life Time Fitness is featured as a perfect way for consumers to get a measure of how much stress is affecting their cortisol levels. The test is easy to administer. You place your order online and receive your test kit in the mail. Then you collect four saliva samples over the course of one day (morning, lunch, afternoon, evening) and submit them to one of HealthCheckUSA's partner labs for analysis.

To read the entire article on Hormone Stress Test and Weight Loss click here.

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