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HealthCheckUSA in the News




American Heart Month - February 2011

In honor of February being American Heart Month HealthCheckUSA offers a 10% discount off our 3 most popular comprehensive panels.


HS-Omega-3 - June, 2010

HealthCheckUSA is pleased to announce a new partnership with OmegaQuant which will allow our customers to take advantage of a new test, HS-Omega-3 Index. The HS-Omega-3 Index lets you know if you have enough of the heart-healthy omega-3's in your diet. Even people who have ideal cholesterol levels or blood pressure can still have very un-healthy omega-3 scores. It's important to know your personal HS-Omega-3 Index levels to control your heart risk by altering your diet or taking fish oil supplements to achieve cardio-protective omega-3 levels. When asked about the new partnership, Dr. Bill Harris of OmegaQuant said, "I am tremendously excited to partner with HealthCheckUSA to provide the HS-Omega-3 Index test directly to thousands of consumers who will now be able to determine for themselves how much omega-3 they need to take in order to achieve cardioprotective blood levels."

HealthCheckUSA partners with the Hormone Diva - April, 2010

HealthCheckUSA has partnered directly with The Hormone Diva to develop specific packages and test options that will assist members in managing their condition and taking control of their health. This profile was designed to be used in conjunction with her books You're Not Crazy It's Your Hormones! and The Menopause Diet.

HealthCheckUSA has hormone lab tests and packages that make it simple for consumers to measure, monitor, and improve their health by being able to order their own lab tests without a doctor's order. HealthCheckUSA serves customers without insurance, have high deductible insurance plans, taking control of their health because their doctor won't order the test.


Austin Business Journal - June 5, 2009

"Interest in health screenings is prompting new competitors... There is enormous potential on the consumer side, unfortunately, with the rise in uninsured... But there are also more people being proactive about their health," said Holt Vaughan of

(2009, June 5). Zaragoza, Sandra. Austin Business Journal, p. 1


San Antonio Express News - July 15, 2008 - "Doctors Can Help Keep Costs Down".

"Lab tests can cost hundreds of dollars. Again, with some thought and research, there are ways to save. For instance, for patients who are paying for their own blood work, we use HealthCheckUSA, a nationwide company that offers discounts of up to 50 percent (or more). A complete health profile blood test that runs $530 elsewhere costs $200 at HealthCheck.

We also save by running all basic tests before the physical. That way, we have the test results in hand for the appointment, saving both time and the expense of a follow-up visit to review test results.."

(2008, July 14). Jackson, MD, Greg. San Antonio Express News, p. 1E


Corgenix Medical Corporation (OTC BB: CONX) - August 29, 2007

Worldwide developer and marketer of diagnostic test kits, has partnered with to provide consumers direct access to the state-of-the-art AspirinWorks(R) Test through HealthcheckUSA's network of over 3000 patient service centers nationwide at a consumer-friendly price.

According to Holt Vaughan, President of, "The company is delighted to be one the first to offer the AspirinWorks(R) test directly to consumers. We have researched the AspirinWorks(R) test and think it is a major break through," Vaughan said. "With so many people in this day and age taking aspirin, we believe it is imperative that people understand aspirin does not have the same effect on everyone."

Gambeaux Magazine - June 7, 2007

"Direct-to-Consumer" lab testing service is first of its kind in Louisiana: HealthCheckUSA lab will allow individuals to order blood tests without a doctor's referral."

"To avoid the hassle of tangled and confusing medical bureaucracies, long waits and high costs, many patients go directly to lab testing sites to obtain medical profiles on their own," said Holt Vaughan, President of HealthCheckUSA. "We are proud to offer this convenient and affordable service to the Lake Charles area."

(2007, June 7). Gambeaux Magazine. Vol. 15 Number 11 p. 21

US News and World Report - January 8, 2007- "Unraveling Your DNA's Secrets."

"The U.S. News staffer, who took the test through HealthCheckUSA, had no family history and came up negative."

Shute, Nancy. (2007, January, 8). Unraveling Your DNA's Secrets US News and World Report, pp. 51-58.


Wall Street Journal - June 20, 2006 - "New Online Services Tout Low-Cost Medical Tests"

"On-line medical-testing services are proliferating as the drive for consumer-driven health care gains momentum... HealthCheckUSA... and others (are) offering to set up patients for the same diagnostic tests as walk-in lab services, hospitals and clinics. Customers visit a Web site, select a specific test, enter a zip code and receive directions to a specimen collecting laboratory. Users pay with credit cards or a health savings account and don't need their doctor's prescription -- unlike walk-in clinics, which typically require a personal physician's approval."

(2006, June 20). New Online Services Tout Low-Cost medical Tests. Wall Street Journal. P. D4.

Newsweek - February 6, 2006 - "In Our Blood"

"For $200 and up, a company called HealthCheckUSA will test your DNA (provided by cheek swab) for eight genetic illnesses, including Celiac disease (an intestinal disorder) and Hemochromatosis (an overload of iron). 'People call us on a daily basis and let us know we helped save their life,' says company President Holt Vaughan."

(2006, February 6). In Our Blood. Newsweek Magazine. P. 46-55.


WOAI News, Jaie Avila - July 3, 2005 - "Checking the Validity of Home DNA Tests"

"HealthCheck USA, a San Antonio company, offers the hemochromatosis test. For $205 you get a pair of brushes that you use to scrape DNA samples from the inside of your cheek. Then you ship in the samples, and the test results are sent back to you."

"The DNA testing is offering people the opportunity to find out things about their health they've never been able to do in the past," explains Company President Holt Vaughan."

Avila, Kaie. (Correspondent). (2005, July 3). WOAI News. San Antonio, TX: WOAI (NBC Affiliate, San Antonio, TX.)