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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a laboratory test?
A laboratory test is a health screening service that can determine many things about your health that may otherwise go undetected. The tests that you order are the same medically accepted lab tests ordered by physicians. A small sample of your blood is tested by a fully accredited Medical Reference Laboratory, and then analyzed for the tests that have been requested by you or your doctor. HealthCheckUSA/Life Time Lab Testing does not extend our services to minors.
Why are these tests useful?
A regular physical examination helps to determine your level of health that a doctor can see, hear, or touch, such as vision, hearing, weight, respiratory functions, etc. A laboratory test provides additional information about your health that cannot be measured in such a way. Test results keep you and your doctor informed about health issues that may otherwise be overlooked.
Will my insurance pay for this test?
HealthCheckUSA does not accept insurance claims. However, some insurance plans will reimburse you if it is written in the plan as a preventive coverage with no doctor's script. Other insurance plans will reimburse you if you have a doctor's written script. Although HealthCheckUSA does not bill insurance directly, we can provide you an itemized statement with corresponding CPT codes if you care to submit the testing directly for insurance reimbursement. Because of the customization and time consuming nature of this process, we have a charge of $5.00 for this service. It is also important to note that the itemized receipt will not be sent until you have received results for the testing purchased.     Call your insurance company's toll-free number to find out in advance. Please note: HealthCheckUSA does not guarantee that your respective insurance company will reimburse for testing.
Are these test covered by Medicare/Medicaid?
No. Only the laboratory that performs the analysis can be reimbursed by Medicare. If you are a Medicare patient you must have a doctor's order, your doctor must have a Medicare number, and your doctor must provide a diagnostic code accepted by Medicare.
I am healthy - why do I need a test?
Knowledge of your blood's chemistry is your best defense against degenerative disease. A simple blood test can indicate what is happening long before any symptoms of disease occur. Similar to a warning indicator on your automobile, your blood profile is one of the best warning indicators now known to medicine. When blood tests reveal abnormalities, it is urgent to reverse the warnings as quickly as possible to avert the danger of degenerative disease. Even a test result that is normal is useful: not only does it help to rule out potential problem areas, it establishes a baseline of normal ranges against which future tests can be monitored. When you understand these tests and the role blood plays in your body, you can keep your test values within normal ranges through diet, exercise, and proper nutrition. When you visit your physician, a history of laboratory reports that you have kept can often provide the clue to a proper diagnosis.
Are these tests accurate?
Yes - a fully accredited Medical Reference Laboratory analyzes all test results.
Which are some of the more popular tests?
Our most popular test for first-time clients is the Super Chemistry Heart + Thyroid + Ferritin . This test establishes a comprehensive foundation of all aspects of your health, upon which future tests can be measured. Once this baseline has been established, many clients use the Super Chemistry as a regular check of progress, and to monitor the effects of a change in diet, exercise, or lifestyle.
Do I need to fast before taking a test?
To ensure absolute accuracy, a 10 - 12 hour fast is recommended. Black coffee and water are permitted during your period of fast. All medications should be taken as usual.
Will I be able to understand the results of my test?
Yes - all test results include reference ranges and abnormalities found. A detailed explanation of each test can be viewed on this web site. Click here to view test result explanations. For further information on the meaning, ramifications, or recommendations on any other tests please visit: .
How can I contact someone if I have questions about my test results?
Any questions regarding significant findings or abnormal levels should be discussed with your doctor. Any generic inquiries should be sent via email. Click here .
Can I take the results to my doctor for a diagnosis?
Yes - the tests that you order are the same medically accepted lab tests ordered by physicians, and your doctor will be able to discuss them with you. Your doctor will use these results in conjunction with your history and may even decide to order additional tests to confirm the results of any abnormalities.
How do I access my results online?
We now offer the ability for our customers to download their results directly online through our web site. As mentioned in our privacy policy, this is a completely secure process and all results remain entirely confidential. We do not give access nor do we distribute any personal customer information to third parties whatsoever.

Simply order your test through normal process. Once ordering process is complete, the next screen will ask you for a unique username and password. This information will be processed immediately and your account will be activated. Please click here to order a test.

HealthCheckUSA guarantees most lab results in 3 to 5 business days from your lab visit (depending on the type of result ordered, in most cases, results will be available sooner). To view your results, simply log onto at your convenience and enter your username and password, and click Sign In.

What if I forget my password?
You can retrieve your password by clicking on Login on the home page. Under I am a Returning User , click on the I Forgot my Password link. Enter the email address you registered with and we will send you your password via email.
What is the proper use of HealthCheckUSA's drug screenings?
These drug tests are for screening purposes only. Positives have not been confirmed for legal use and specimens have not been collected under legal guidelines for secure collection, therefore results cannot be used for employment or other legal reasons. Although a negative result indicates no drugs were detected above the method's cutoff level, other methods may be used to detect lower levels of the drugs in the urine. Results can also be affected by the amount of urine excreted, weight or body type of person taking drug, acidity or alkalinity (pH) of urine, and frequency of drug taken. We offer the Drug Screen Panel .

As with all of our testing, results of the drug tests are entirely confidential and not shared with any third party and fully compliant with our privacy policy. Any questions please contact our customer service at .

Does my lab order expire?
The lab requisition form is good for six months from the date the order was placed. If you wish to use an expired lab requisition, we will gladly reissue a new one at no charge if you contact us within 1 year from the date the order was placed.
Can I order a test for someone else?
Yes, you may purchase a test for another individual that meets the age requirement. Please make sure you are filling out their personal information and not your own during registration. During the checkout process you may change the billing information to your own.
Is my order refundable?

Yes, we will gladly refund the monies used on an unused lab requisition form up until the expiration date of that lab requisition form (6 months).

Refunds will not be issued after 6 months from purchase date and requisitions will not be reissued after 1 year from purchase date.


Satisfaction Guarantee
If for some reason you are not satisfied or in agreement with the results of your test and want a redraw, we will gladly order this for you within 15 days of your original draw date. If the results are dramatically different, then HealthCheckUSA will pay for the redraw; however, if the results are similar, within a 10% range of original, then we will expect you to pay for the redraw at the same price as the original.

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